Casement Windows

Whether installed as a standalone window or as part of bay and bow windows, casement windows offer a range of advantages for homeowners. Best installed in areas in need of ample ventilation and natural light, this kind of window adds a whole new dimension to whichever space they are installed in.

Reading a good book with tons of sunlight streaming through makes for a lovely experience and so is whipping up a meal for family and friends. So be it the kitchen or a window seat, having a casement window does the trick of bringing in the craved-for natural light. As such, utility bills won’t be that high given that artificial lighting won’t be needed until the sun bids goodbye for the day.

Ventilation is also a key feature of casement windows as they can be swung open in case it becomes too hot. It does wonders in a beach front property where you can let in the cool breeze as you gaze upon the sea. A casement window makes kitchens so much better to work in too – just give the window a little push and the scent from your garden coupled with the breeze comes into your home.

But apart from aesthetics and ventilation, the benefits of casement windows are many which include:

1. Being easy to operate

This kind of window is very easy to manoeuvre with the aid of latches, handles or cranks which are fitted at hand heights. Casement windows have glass planes fitted on vinyl or aluminium frames and they are snugly fit as well. There’s also an option to use automatic locks or openers on these windows for safety and security.

2. Providing more ventilation

A casement window allows more than enough ventilation thanks to its feature of being able to be fully opened. Since they are attached on hinges located on the side, the window can be open wide from the top, bottom and one side. Windows like these are useful in areas such as the kitchen, attics and even toilets – areas where ventilation and natural light are needed. This kind of window is also beneficial during the summer months where the need for fresh air is very much desired.

3. Coming in a variety of designs

Whether you own a modern home or a much traditional one, and you want to install a casement window, you’d most likely want it to blend with the aesthetics of your home. That is possible with this kind of window as it comes in several designs and grille options. Also, the colours and size can be customised to fit your needs.

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